About Willa

First of all, let me be honest and say that my name is not actually Willa but for reasons of privacy I prefer to keep my real name to myself.

I blog about books because I think about them all the time. I love reading. I read everywhere: in bed, on the bus, in the gym (i know...). I once read while practising piano, then gave up piano as I realised some things are just more important. Like reading! Reading is a passion and (almost) an addiction. I read lots of different books and here I want to share my bookish experiences with you.

So you don't know my name but let me share some other random info:
1) My favourite book is The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas.

2) At uni I studied psychology but since graduating three years ago, I haven't actually used my degree.

3) My favourite place to read is my parents' garden in the summer. Lying in the grass on a blanket, listening to the bird singing, the lake rustling (or whatever it is lakes do...), the smell of flowers and grass. It is the perfect place to read.

4) I am 27 years old but sometimes all I want to immerse myself in YA reading.

5) I love drinking tea while reading - in the summer I prefer light jasmine tea, in the winter I usually drinks chai or strong black tea with milk

6) Yes, I sometimes do prioritize reading over sleeping. Bad habit.

7) I have a cat that admittedly is rather stupid but I love it nonetheless. He lives with my parents though because my apartment in London is not really a suitable home for an outdoorsy cat :-)