9 Sep 2010

"The Fingersmith" - Who's fooling who?

After ready so much praise of "The Fingersmith" by Sarah Waters on blogs, in newspaper reviews etc. I finally decided to give it a go. Not sure why I haven't done so before because it is just the kind of book I enjoy! It reminds me of "Slammerkin" and "The Life Mask" by Emma Donoghue and it is really ejoyable. The plot is full of twists and turns and I really didn't see any of coming. It was such a pageturner and I really had a hard time turning off the light last night before I was done reading it.
Basically it is about two girls whose fates are inextricably linked. Sue Trinder grows up in the poor London streets of Borough, south of the river, among thieves and swindlers. She has questionable morals but a good heart and it is with some worry that she agrees to a plot to snare a young aristocratic woman and steal her fortune. The young woman in question, Maud Lilly, lives in a country estate with her neurotically strict uncle who collects lewd pornographic books. When these two girls meet, their fates change forever.
If you like mysteries, books about women taking control of their own destinies, then read this book. It is so wonderful.


  1. Another fan! :) Some books are really as great as everyone says they are. Have you read any other Waters books?

  2. This is on my TBR list. I saw the movie :) It was really good! You should watch it. I'm not sure how it is comparatively speaking, but I thought it was good on its own.

  3. I have another Waters book on my TBR but haven't gotten round to it yet. And I really want to see the film!

  4. Isn't Waters great? I've read half her books, and I'm trying to space them out so I don't run out too quickly. hehe