3 Feb 2011

Teaser from "The Rachel Papers"

I am almost done reading "The Rachel Papers" by Martin Amis and I really really like it! During my reading I stumbled over a cool quote that defines the book for me and that I want to share with you as a teaser:

"One of the troubles with being over-articulate, with having a vocabulary more refined han your emotions, is that every turn in the conversation, every switch of posture, opens up an state of vernal avenues with a myriad side-turnings and cul-de-sacs - and there are no signposts but your own sincerety and good taste, and I've never had much of either."

Page 154, "The Rachel Papers" by Martin Amis


  1. Hi, Willa!
    Cool blog, and a great selection of books. I'm a new follower (Varsha)

  2. Oh, The Rachel Papers. I read this a few years ago and i really didn't like it! It had some good parts and I liked the sarcastic, dark comedy but I just found it to chauvinistic! And Rachel was annoying.

    That Vintage cover is awesome though.

  3. Welcome Vasha :-)

    Madbibliophile, I agree the cover is gorgeous and yes Rachel herself is pretty annoying. I like the book though!