11 Apr 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: From book to film

How many great books out there have been ruined by being made into a film? It's like the stars, you can keep counting but you will never get to the final tally because there are so incredibly many. However, there are a few successes as well and I have to admit that I often get really excited when it is announced that a book I like will be made into a film. Today's Top Ten Tuesday topics is just that: books that I would like to see made into films!

10) The Eleniad series by David Eddings. An absolute favourite series of mine that features knights, stubborn horses, cool ladies and lots and lots of action.

9) The Book, The Film, The T-shirt by Matt Beaumont. Advertising agency filming a commercial with two divas, lots of crazy assistants, a boss with a major ego and PA who is doing more than her share of the work. And that is only the beginning. Would be a great comedy!

8) The 19th Wife by David Ebershoff The history of the mormon church and the mystery of a murder.

7) The Exception by Christian Jungersen Adult women in an office environment bullying each other... Could be made into a really thrilling, dark movie.

6) Anything steampunk. I am only just getting to know this genre but already I can see that there is huge potential for great films here!

5) The Fingersmith by Sarah Waters Who's fooling who? And why? Set in a dark England full of crooks, this could be a great costume drama.

4) The Darkangel by Meredith Ann Pierce. When Ariel is abducted by a huge winged creatures and taken to his castle to serve as maid to his ghost wives, Ariel has to overcome to her own shyness and fear to help the ghosts become free of their captor. One of the best paranormal/fantasy romance/action books I have ever read.

3) The Sopranos by Alan Warner. A Catholic girl school choir on a crazy road trip - should make for a great movie!

2) Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke. Harry Potter for adults - what more can you want?

1) We Need to Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver The nature or nurture dilemma is at the heart of the scary novel about a child who becomes a high school killer and his mother who seeks to understand why.

Which books would you like to see made into films?


  1. Just seeing the title (We Need to Talk) gives me a shiver up my spine. What a terribly sad story. Doomed, really. Hopeless. I'm imagining a movie from this book might be very powerful.

    Here's my post for today's Top Ten Tuesday.

  2. I would love to see Jonathan Strange on the big screen! Harry Potter for adults is the perfect description.

  3. Great list. Fingersmith was made into a really good movie...


    And apparently We Need to Talk About Kevin (such a great book!) is going to be out this year...


  4. Wow, I haven't heard of most of the books on your list either, so that's definitely a plus. I've got a slew of new books to check out. :) Thank you for visiting, and happy reading!

  5. I haven't read The Fingersmith but I love a dark Victorian costume-y movie. Would be great!

  6. Hi. You've got a great list here. I just read Fingersmith, which is a wonderful book. There has been an adaptation a few years ago but I haven't seen it yet.

    I love that you've got a list of recommendations down the side of the blog. You've clearly got great taste - many of my favourite books and authors are on the list, so I'll have to check out the others. Great blog.

  7. I picked The Belgariad by Eddings but I'd definitely love the see The Elenium made into a movie too! We Need To Talk About Kevin would make a heartbreaking movie - a hard one to go and see for sure.

  8. THanks for all your comments, great to see that so many of us share same taste! I don't know how I've missed the "Fingersmith" movie - will have to check it out. And I can't wait to see what happens with "We Need to Talk About Kevin". I really think that it would make a great film.

  9. Um....I should probably READ all these books first! Sadly, I think the only thing I am familiar with is...steampunk. Which I haven't read much of!

  10. Yes! to anything steampunk! I wanted to put something steampunk on my list but couldn't think of anything specific when I was writing my list. Those worlds would look so cool on film!

  11. I would love Shirley Jackson's We Have Always Lived in the Castle to be turned into a film - apparently it almost has many times. It would be wonderfully atmospheric.