9 Jan 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: Please Write Another Book

Tuesday and time for Top Ten! This time it is "Top Ten Authors I Wish Would Write Another Book (debut authors, authors who seem to have taken a hiatus, OR for those who read classics authors you wish would have written another book before they passed". Thanks to The Broke and The Bookish for coming up with another great topic!! Without further ado and in no particular order: 10) Junot Diaz. "The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao" was a brilliant novel and I hope that this author will follow it up with another brilliant read. Soon!
9)Tom Wolfe. I wish he would write another novel in the style of "I am Charlotte Simmons" because even though he is male and was born in 1931, he does "little girl from the countryside goes to uni and longs for Diesel jeans" surprisingly well!
8)Marisha Pessl. I loved "Special Topics in Calamity Physics" - please write some more. Soon!
7)Alexandre Dumas. He created one of the best female baddies ever: Milady de Winter. I wish he had written another book telling the story of "The Three Musketeers" from her point of view.
6) Joe Hill. "Heartshaped Box" and "Horns" were both really amazing - I can't tell you what genre they are, somewhere in between thriller, mystery, fantasy and humour. So incredibly cool that you will have to read it to understand it.
5) Christian Jungersen. I really enjoyed the dark and dangerous "The Exception", it was so different and really one of the best mystery, thriller things I've read.
4)Alan Warner. And I am rather specific because I so wish he would write a follow-up to "The Sopranos" and "The Stars in the Bright Sky". Preferably five years after the events in the latter one take place, thanks.
3) Sofi Oksanen. "Purge" is an amazing book, it deals with such a difficult topic, topics actually, while telling an incredible story. Loved it!! Please write another book soon Sofi Oksanen!
2) Julian Fellowes. "Snobs", "Past Imperfect", "Downtown Abbey". What's not to love? Another book please :-)
1)Jane Austen. No need to explain I think, I love Jane Austen and she didn't write many books so another one would have made a lot of difference to all her fans. So what's your Top Ten? I can't wait to read it :-)


  1. Marisha Pessl is supposedly working on a novel called Night Film but the release date keeps getting pushed into the future. The most recent date I saw was 2013. We can hope!

  2. Thanks for this list with so many awesome author - I love Austen too!

  3. Yes, Sofi Oksanen really needs to get writing!

    And I still need to read Special Topics in Calamity Physics. It's been on my wishlist for too long.

  4. I've not read anything from your list of authors except fro Jane Austen. I'm going to check them out now though!

  5. I know absolutely nothing about Special Topics in Calamity Physics, but the title and cover are both winning me over right now! *Goes over to GoodReads to learn more*

    Also, Julian Fellowes writes BOOKS!? I had no idea.

    Thank you for giving me all these great ideas of what to read next!

  6. Austen made my list too. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have at least one more book from her!

  7. @Judy: Thanks, good to know.

    Thanks to all of you for your comments, glad to hear that so many have included Jane Austen :-)

  8. Your list illustrates what I love so much about the blogging world. I have never heard of many of the books on your list, but most sound like something I'd like to read. So my TBR list grows again. Since I started blogging and reading blogs my reading horizons have broadened tremendously. I loved your list, and I totally agree with you about Jane Austen. I love her and wish there were lots more books from her.