10 Jul 2011

Pride and Prejudice. Love and Hate.

Can't fall asleep so have given myself a fun little challenge - finding Pride and Prejudice covers and reviewing them in one word and one sentence.

A hardback edition for those of us who read this classic again and again and again.

A beautiful cover for a beautiful book

For those who think that Edward Cullen is the modern girl's Mr. Darcy (he is not!)

Wrapping up a classic in a modern jacket to attract a new audience - kind of like if The Rolling Stones had botox in order to perform at the MTV Movie Awards

Designed by somebody who has seen the movie but not read the book...

Special edition for girls who closets full of shoes

A great British romance set in a Japanese garden?

Which one is your favourite? I would love the second one but in a hardback edition!


  1. I like the penguin classic one have few from that time late 80's ,my copy is a everyman edition plain cover but a hardback ,all the best stu

  2. Ha - what a fun project. I love a pretty cover and I'm always so amazed at how varied they can be, especially for old classic books like this one. That 'Japanese garden' one is too funny!

  3. Stu, Pride and Prejudice should always be a hardback - those wonderful words needs to be protected from wear and tear :-)

    Trish, thanks! This was a really fun post to write.

  4. We have the Twilight-esque one in the school library. I've had lots of the older girls check it out but they almost always return it disappointed as it's not what they were expecting :/

  5. Haha... Good commentary on those covers.

  6. I also dislike the Twilight-esque cover. But I sort of like the one you have named "Unnecessary" :o)

  7. :] I love this. Awesome post!

  8. Oh the second one, definitely. Where can I find that one?

  9. @Sam: I know it does send the wrong message.

    @livethroughbooks: :-) I also like it, it is pretty cool but I can't help feeling that it is too cool for P&P

    @Melissa: I can't remember - will let you know if I find it again.

  10. I love the "Strange" One. It's quite simple and elegant.

  11. What a fun idea! The Elegant one is beautiful. None of these are the edition I have, which is a close up of a dress. The editions I have of JA are a bit too fey for my liking, but only just - they're mostly very attractive.