4 Feb 2012

Finding a book in a spa in Budapest

At the moment of writing I am having my Saturday brunch coffee and blog-hopping and I just came across a great post on A Guy's Moleskine Notebook about reading books that you have found in hotels or such places. It reminded me of a holiday that my boyfriend and I went on a few years ago. For spring break we went to Budapest, Hungary, for a prolonged weekend. Most of the time was spent walking around the city (which by the way is incredibly beautiful!)

On of the walks we went to an island in the middle of the Danube, there was a huge park and at the end of the park a spa hotel. At this point we had walked - literally - miles and our feet were at the point of giving up. So we took a quick decision and went in to book a spa pass and facials. It was bliss!
The pools were great and while my boyfriend has his treatment, I perused the book shelves for something to read. And came across "Under the Duvet" by Marian Keyes.

It was one of those lucky matches. "Under the Duvet" is a collection of Keyes' journalistic writings, which meant that it was perfect for picking up and then putting down when we left the spa. It was really funny, chapters with stories about Christmas parties, friends, shoes and all the things that life as a woman involves. Hilarious reading - you can read an extract here.

Do you have any "finding a book" stories?

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  1. I love that! I actual read A Prayer for Own Meany in a spa in Budapest. I bought it a a little English used bookstore in a park near the spa. I found a copy of The Historian, just after it came out, in a hostel in Milan. I love finding book stories!