27 Jan 2011

And then I began yet another book...

I need your help! Sometimes I get so happy when I get my hands on an anticipated book that I "forget" to finish the one that I was already reading. And this month it has really gotten out of hand. I have begun reading what seems like a plethora of books - and finishing none of them. So now I need your advise? Have your ever found yourself in this kind of situation (bet you have...)? And how do you handle it? All advise welcome...

Here is a list of what I am currently reading - shame on me!

Javier Marias: All Souls

Martin Amis: The Rachel Papers

Wilkie Collins: The Woman in White

Emily Bronte: Wuthering Heights

Iris Murdoch: The Unicorn


  1. I try not to read more than one book at a time because I can't keep everything straight. I recommend starting with the book that has the least amount of pages left, and go in that order.
    Or you could start with the one that you like the most. Good luck Willa :)

  2. Every once in a while I do the same thing, and am always so annoyed at myself for letting it happen. I know it's hard...my only advice is to finish The Woman in White first because it is my favorite out of all the books you listed! Admittedly, the only other one I've read is Wuthering Heights, which I think is great too, but still.

  3. Heh, I usually have three or four or more books going on at once. I swtich between them depending on my mood and which one has captured my imagination the most at the moment. One of them is also a dedicated read on my commute and at lunch break book. It's juggling but it generally works out for me.

  4. I tend to be reading two books and listening to a third. This year I have War and Peace at a chapter a day as well. Sometimes I end up starting too many books, though! If I've just started one, I'll set it aside til I've finished another. If I'm in the middle of all of them, I buckle down and read in all my free time until I finish them. I'm always relieved to get the number back down to something manageable. Good luck!

  5. I am in the middle of that exact situation right now. Usually what I do is make the decision to commit to one book until I finish it, and then move on back to the others I was reading. I've just finished up two of the five books I was reading this past week using this strategy. :p