24 Jan 2011

Review: "Need" - Need not read!

"Need" by Carrie Jones - have you read it? I have. Read it just the other day after having waited in suspense for it to land in my mailbox. I have to say that you need not read it. Sorry but it just isn't worth the time if you ask me.

The plot actually is pretty cool. Zara has lost her father and sunk into a deep depression so to try and wrestle her out of her stupor, her mother has sent her to Maine to live with her cool grandmother Betty.
Zara keeps seeing a mysterious man and find speckle of gold dust where he has been. Also there is something fishy about her new friends, Nick and Ian, and suddenly she finds herself tangled in a web of paranormal mystery.

So far, so paranormal romance. What is so bad about this book is the fact that none of the characters ever come to life. The only one that even slightly intersted me and seemed real was grandma Betty - a really cool lady full of energy and life. The rest of the bunch, including Zara, never come to life. They are two-dimensional and their dialogue is unbeliable and at times even painful to read.

Now I have asked my trusted little sister - a true conneiseur of YA fiction - to read it and give me her opinion. If she disagrees with me, I will be back with more about this book.


  1. I don't have much luck with paranormal romance. I just can't get on with it!

  2. I know, this one reminded me why there are more misses than hits in the paranormal genre... Too bad :-(