2 Jan 2011

Berlin break

Sorry for the blogging breaks over Christmas and New Years - first I went to stay with my parents for the holidays and then for a break to Berlin to celebrate New Years with My Dear Boyfriend. It was my first time in the capital of Germany and as it was really cold (down to minus 14 degrees celcius), we had booked a hotel with spa facilities so that we could warm our freezing selves after long days walking in the city. If there is something I loved and find really relaxing it is spending time in spa, sauna etc. and then finishing off by laying around all wrapped up warm in towels - and READ! Of course :-)
So what did I read in Berlin? "Poppy Shakespeare" by Clare Allan which I will review this week and I got started on "London Fields" by Martin Amis as well which I am hoping to finish this week. So instead of filling this post up with words about the cool, hip city of Berlin, let me share some pictures with you:

The Berlin Wall

Café Gemelli in Kreuzberg


A view of Berlin

Delicious cake at the hotel restaurant!

So now I am looking for books - fiction - taking place in Berlin. Can you recommend anything?


  1. looks like a wondeful time willa ,been long time since I went to Berlin love time I spent there ,all the best stu

  2. Oh! I loved Berlin when I was there this summer. Such a fantastic city with an awesome pub crawl ;p.

    I've wanted to read Poppy Shakespeare for quite some time now, but I can't find it anywhere! I can't wait to see what you think about it.

  3. Sounds like you have a wonderful time in Berlin! And wow those pictures are beautiful!!

  4. I don't have any book recommendations for you but I adored Berlin when I visited!

  5. Brr... Happy New Year Willa! I love Berlin. It's one of my favorite cities. Unfortunately I can't recommend any fiction set in Berlin that I can think of. If I remember something else I'll let you know :)

  6. As it was cold, how about some fiction set in cold war Berlin: John Le Carre - The Spy Who Came In From the Cold; Ian McEwan - The Innocent; Peter Schneider - The Wall Jumper.

    Jenny Erpenbeck's Visitation, published last year, is highly recommended.

  7. I haven't actually read it, but The Berlin Stories by Christopher Isherwood come to mind :)