3 Mar 2011

Last night I dreamt I was at...

Well not Manderley. But I did daydream about going somewhere. The last month has been hectic and beyond and this week I have been in Oslo where snow is thick on the ground and time for reading is sparse. So before falling asleep last night I dreamt about going away on a lazy vacation with lots of books and my boyfriend!

These are some of the places I was thinking about:

Gellert Spa Hotel in Budapest. Who needs to lie in the sand on a beach reading when you can do it in spa? (actually I do prefer the beach but in the winter I will settle for a spa)

Hotel Telegraaf in Tallin - the rooms are great for reading when the winter darkness is shrouding the city

The Library Hotel in Manhatten. The name says it all - it even has a reading room!

And then I dreamt about Thailand where I will be going in April with the boyfriend and the books!


  1. Looks like you have great dreams, love the library hotel! :)

  2. Yes I keep the Library Hotel in mind for if I ever go to Manhattan.

  3. The Library Hotel? I'm definitely looking that one up!

  4. All lovely pictures indeed, and much nicer than the rain we are currently having. Stay warm Willa :)