31 Aug 2011

September tomorrow - a list of autumn reads

Tomorrow is September 1st which means that today is the last day of summer 2011... This summer has just sped past, I wonder what happened? It feels like it only just began and now suddenly it is all grey and rainy again! I spent most of the summer on crutches, hobbling along as graciously as possible (which is not very graceful, I must admit) but now I am finally off crutches and hopefully I will soon be back in stilettos. Though it will be painful, it will also be such a victory.Anyway back to the subject of autumn because autumn has a lot of things going for it - beautiful colours, days where the sky is so blue that it is almost unbelievable and days that are made for reading inside with a cup of tea.
In honour of autumn here is a list of some great autumn reads:

"I Am Charlotte Simmons" by Tom Wolfe.
The book about ambitious country girl Charlotte Simmons who gets a scholarship to a prestigious university but struggles to fit in with the privileged kids who are used to money buying them everything. Charlotte arrives at university in autumn and the seasons seem to be a strong metaphor for Charlotte's inner life in this book. A great read for a long, rainy Sunday.

The Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling
As these follow the school year, they all start in autumn and especially the first four books have a real sense of seasons changing that I enjoyed.
(btw. I've gone with the Danish cover as we've all seen the English/American ones so many times)

And here are a couple that I haven't read but that sound like great autumn-y reads (descriptions from amazon):

"The Autumn Castle" by Kim Wilkins
Berlin in autumn: Christine Starlight is living in an artists' colony in the crumbling urban shadows of the old east. Her lover Jude is a painter; his beauty and patience help her bear the chronic pain that is a legacy of the car crash that crippled her and killed her beloved parents. Out of the blue comes a crimson-haired beauty, who presides over a land where a witch dwells in a well, a wolf is the queen's counsellor and fate turns on the fall of an autumn leaf. For a brief span, the lands of faery and mortal man march hand in hand and Queen Mayfridh has taken the chance to seek out Christine, her childhood friend. But dealings with faeryland are never simple: as Christine yearns for Mayfridfh's world, where mortals feel no pain, so Mayfridh in turn is becoming addicted to Christine's, where there are tastes and textures and the danger of forbidden love.

"Autumn Term" by Antonia Forest
Twins Nicola and Lawrie arrive at their new school determined to do even better than their elder sisters, who had all distinguished themselves. But things don't turn out quite as planned. This story about twins going to a new school is the first title in Antonia Forest's well-loved series about the Marlow family.


  1. Aw on the crutches! At least now you can enjoy September crutch-free! :) Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!!
    P.S. I am would be your newest follower if i could find the Follow button! :P SO until then your blog has been bookmarked! Pleasure meeting you!

  2. Great post! I love books set in schools, so I will have to check out I Am Charlotte Simmons and Autumn Term.