2 Aug 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: Good trends, bad trends

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish and I love it! This week is really interesting - it is Top Ten Trends You Would Like to See More or Less of!
So here's my list:

See more of:
1) Books being promoted in the blogosphere! I think it is so great the bloggers share their love of books and promote books that maybe wouldn't get the attention they deserve if it wasn't for the blogosphere. We love great authors and wonderful books and sharing that love is beautiful!

2) Young, female authors writing literary fiction and getting acknowledged for their hard work and talent - such as Téa Obreht, author of "The Tiger's Wife"

3) Authors being translated to English. There are so many great authors out there and they deserve to be translated - one example is Sofi Oksanen's fantastic novel "Purge" that has been translated into English and is really popular.

4) Dystopian and steampunk, great imaginative genres that deserve more attention and more bestsellers.

5) Wrapping up classics in beautiful, tasteful, cool covers such as these below. Personally I would really love for E. F. Benson's "Mapp and Lucia" to be given some more attention.

See less of:
1) Vampires and werewolves. Enough is enough people. I don't care if they are sparkling or have tattoos, I don't want anymore of them for a while. Please come up with something else to write about.

2) Less focus on incest/pedophilia as romance/love relationships. Though I really liked "Repeat It Today With Tears" by Anne Peile and liked "Tiger, Tiger" by Margaux Fragoso, I really do not like this topic...

3) Paranormal romance... girl and vampire, girl and werewolf, girl and angel... it is becoming ever so slightly tiring.

4) Celebrity novels, ghostwritten by some poor guy/girl who really needed the money. I am not talking about real biographies from politicians etc. but Katie Price as an author? Really? That's just plain wrong.

5) Awful covers that try to sell a book as something it isn't (...or try to trade off Twilight, such bad taste!!)


  1. I think we can all agree those vampires need a rest.

  2. Everybody is tired of vampires. (Are you listening, authors? Publishers?)

    Here's my Top Ten list for this week:
    Top Ten Trends You'd Like to See More Of
    I hope you will stop by and join in Readerbuzz's August Giveaway!

  3. Authors being translated into English is a great one. I read a book last year originally in French and loved it. It sucks that a few years ago people couldn't have read it if they didn't speak French. On the same plane I wish there were more English books translated into other languages so more people can enjoy them.

    Here's my Top Ten: http://bit.ly/qlepOJ

  4. Love your list. Yes, absolutely more translations. I adore the perspectives that come through another writer's culture and language.

    Here's my Top Ten: http://calliekingston.blogspot.com/2011/08/top-ten-tuesday-more-or-less.html

    And, thanks for the follow! Reciprocated :-)Great blog you have here, by the way.

  5. Great list! And really nice to see you mention Sofi Oksanen!

  6. Hi, love your list! I'm now a new follower. Though it didn't make my list, I totally agree about more authors being translated into English (though I wish more americans would learn another language, including myself!). And I really like your inclusion of revamping covers on classics.