21 Mar 2012

The Emperor's Babe?

Last Saturday I was in the Museum of London with my boyfriend and his parents and while pottering around learning more about the London in Roman times, I came across a beautiful quote by Bernadine Evaristo about sitting at the beach by the river looking out across it. It was really gorgeous and I was trying to find out where it was from. And I think I have it - it must be from the novel "The Emperor's Babe" by the author in question (Bernadine Evaristo).

This is the describtion from amazon.co.uk:
Meet Zuleika: sassy girl about town, hellraiser, bored ex-child-bride in Londinium, AD 211. In the place (and time) to be ... Through the bustling, hustling city, we follow Zuleika, feisty and precocious daughter of Sudanese immigrants. Married off to a rich, fat, absent Roman, she is stranded in luxurious neglect, until, one day the Emperor himself, comes to town, bringing with him not just love - but danger ... Funky and funny, sexy and moving, this novel in verse is a triumph of imaginative writing - and of sheer lyrical and emotional vitality. 

So in the context - i.e. the quote being on the wall in the Roman times exhibition - it would make sense right? 
Do you know if it is by any chance? Have it hit on the right novel? 

I should be able to tell you soon because I have to get it and give it a try - I absolutely loved the quote and it does sound like a great book! 


  1. This sounds interesting, and that's an odd cover, so I'm definitely curious. Hope you read and review!

  2. Thanks Picky, that's the plan :-)