31 Mar 2012

Less reading, more walking

Lately, I have been reading a whole lot less than normally. Not because I don't feel like reading, I do, but I used to read on the tube and the bus to and from work but as spring has set in, I have decided to walk instead. It takes 45-50 minutes, it is a journey of a little over 4 kilometers each way and it does mean that I don't get to read as much. Instead I get to:

1) Listen to audiobooks - so please please please recommend good ones!

2) Enjoy the sunshine and the fresh air

3) Enjoy the sight of amazing architecture (pictures will follow)

4) Exercise

So I have to say that it is a pretty good deal. Instead I will try to read in the evenings and not watch as much bad TV - less reality shows, more books must be the new way forward.

I am still reading though; currently I am reading two books (changing between them depending on mood):

"The Cure" by Rachel Genn

"Cassandra at the Wedding" by Dorothy Baker


  1. Sounds like swapping real books for audio books still has you "reading," albeit probably at a slower pace. Wish I lived within a reasonable walking distance from my job, but it's a 30 minute drive. I'd love the excuse/reason of walking to work to get fit!

  2. I know, it is really privileged! When the sun is out it is absolutely amazing. Any recommends for good audiobooks?

  3. I have a ridiculous commute to work, so this setup is out of the question for me. But, I am wonderfully envious of your walk. The fresh air and exercise sound great!