28 Mar 2012

Review: "Model Behaviour" by Jay McInerney

New York. 1990s. Are you looking for Carrie Bradshaw? Then you've come to the wrong place, but what I can offer you is Connor McKnight. Boyfriend of leggy, luscious model Philomena. Graduate of Japanese literature, aiming to be a writer at a prestigious magazine but in reality he is slaving away at "Ciao Bella", a celebrity focused magazine for 20-something girls and he is not liking it. He is not particularly good at it either... As much as he is trying, he simply cannot get a get his head about charming the editor and he can't get a an interview with an elusive teen heartthrob. Another thing he can't do is find his girlfriend. Phil, his taken-for-granted personal piece of gorgeousness, has disappeared of on what he thought was a fashion shoot and now she has vanished. Connor has a feeling that this was his own fault but instead of looking to himself for the answers, he decides to seeks comfort with sympathetic airhead stripper Pallas and his anorexic sister Brooke. 

During the last year I have really come to appreciate the writing of Jay McInerney - the guy is funny, really funny. His "Story of My Life" is a like a light, hilarious crossover between Gossip Girl and "Bonfire of the Vanities" by Tom Wolfe and the short story collection "How It Ended" is full of goodies, little moments that make you laugh or think or both. 

Unfortunately, "Model Behaviour" doesn't quite live up to that level... It is good, it has its funny moments, it is alright. It is not a gem and to be honest, I wasn't that keen on Connor. Honestly, I can't blame Philomena for running off because the guy is quite annoying. He is full of ambitions but he never seems to act on them, he is happy to be the boyfriend of a famous model, that seems to be enough. So when she leaves, there is nothing left. 

And maybe this is exactly the problem, because Philomena leaves early on in the book and for the rest of the book, you are stuck with just Connor. Actually, this probably would have been a much better book had it been Phil's story instead. So Mr. McInerney, if you are reading this, please lend a voice to to beautiful Miss Briggs!

Read it if: You wonder who the winners of America's Next Top Model end up dating. You love the thought of strippers named after Greek mythical figures. You are out to read everything written by Jay McInerney (but please don't start with this one). 

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