18 Aug 2010

"Anne of Windy Willows" - A lady of letters

It was my sister who got me hooked on re-reading the entire series of Anne books again and I sure am glad she did. I won't be reviewing them all though but a few of them. L.M. Montgomery's prose is like a delicate lace of words, capturing the beauty of nature through the eyes of a girl who insists on her right to happiness and her right to see the world as a romantic place. Anne certainly is easy to love for her happiness is very catching.
In "Anne of the Island" which is chronologically before "Anne of Windy Willows", Anne goes to Redmond College to achieve a B.A. Her time at Redmond is four years during which she matures a lot. She makes a new set of friends and learns from them and she has to decide between her dreamman Roy Gardener and her real love Gilbert Blythe. It is a coming-of-age book about throwing off childish notions and really growing up and I found it both touching and relevant.
"Anne of Windy Willows" is mostly composed of letters from Anne to her darling Gilbert who is still at Redmond studying to become a doctor. While waiting for him to graduate so that they can marry, Anne takes up the principality of Summerside High School and this calls for her to step into the role as a responsible adult. It is a really cute book - sorry, but cute is the best word I can find to describe it. Cute in a feel-good way. Cute in the way that I finished it off last night under the cover of my duvet, having gone to bed early just to read about Anne.
So tonight, I will be starting on "Anne's House of Dreams".


  1. I have only read the first two Anne books. However, I have my mom's complete series on my bookshelf and have been gravitating back towards it. I think I should definitely look into Anne of the Island. As you have said, Anne's happiness rubs off on the readers so I just want to feel light and happy again :)

  2. Oh, I so want to read this whole series. I keep meaning to make time for it but haven't yet. I've read the first two and loved them. They are just really good stories that lift you up for a while.

  3. The Anne books are amazing in their ability to tell the small and important stories of life. They really emphasize the good things in life and the beauty and for that I adore them.