9 Aug 2010

"The Lost Life of Eva Braun" - Loving a Monster

Did you ever wonder how a normal German girl could fall head over heels in love with Adolf Hitler? A man who put Europe through a war so full of horros that I can even find the words to desbribe it. I wondered. So I decided to read "The Lost Life of Eva Braun" in an attempt to understand. I don't know if I got any closer to understanding that but the story of Eva Braun who met Hitler, already a prominent politician, when she was only 19 years old, is an interesting tale. Her life was by no means easy.
For thirteen years she was the dictator's girlfriend. Most of these years she was a well-kept secret, and only in the last few days of her life did she reach her one major goal in life: becoming Mrs. Hitler. How a perfectly normal, intelligent, well-bred woman could narrow the scope of her life into serving a man whose crimes were many and horrible is so difficult to understand. But the book gives an interesting insight into the psyche of the woman behind the man and if you are interested in Second World War, the book is a great read.

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