29 Oct 2010

All I want for Christmas is... "A Good School"

This is a weekly meme that's hosted by A Tapestry of Words -www.atapestryofwords.blogspot.com - where every week up until Christmas, you choose a book that you would like to see under your tree! You also have to say why of course.

So this week I will be wishing for "A Good School" by Richard Yates. The story is set in a boarding school on the evning of America's entry into WWII and features a range of characters - from a nervous teenager to teacher's daugther with a schoolgirl crush. It has been called a masterpiece and I really really want to read it. So Santa, please put this one under the tree for me. What are you dreaming of finding under your tree?


  1. Thanks for participating in my meme :) I haven't heard of A Good School but if it's been called a masterpiece...wow! Hope you find it under your tree.

    Also, if you'd like to link up your post so everyone else participating can find it, you can do so on my blog here :)

  2. A great meme. I hope you find this in your stocking/under your tree.

  3. Thanks for all your comments, hope you all have a great day.