26 Oct 2010

Teaser Tuesday: "Sect Child"

Today - this morning on the bus to work - I was reading a Swedish book called "Sektbarn", translated to English that would be "Sect Child". It is basically a book of interviews with adults who have grown up in different religious societies. Even though the author is very critical and focusing on the issues, I find it really interesting and I feel like I learn something about the different faith and belief systems. Here is a quote - translated by myself... sorry for any mistakes:

""I understand them", Sandra says, "I think it takes a stable life to handle the mental work it takes to remember all these assaults. Today I have a stable and very good life. Just six years ago I wouldn't have wanted to tell about my childhood.""

From the book "Sect Child - Chosen for Paradise" by Charlotte Essén

So go ahead and share your teasers!!

TEASER TUESDAYS asks you to:

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Share with us two “teaser” sentences from that page.
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  1. This sounds interesting. Thanks for stopping by my blog today

  2. This sounds very interesting! I read a fair few books about religious sects years ago, and was thinking the other day the subject still held so many questions... Interesting indeed!

  3. Good teaser! Sounds like an intriguing book. And how wonderful it must be to be able to read in more than one language.

  4. It does sound like an interesting book. Makes me glad I don't have a past like that just thinking about it.

  5. Thanks all! It is a really interesting book - but scary as well. I don't understand how some parents can cut off all contact to their children. I don't think i could ever do that.

  6. Cool teaser. Your background is so different. Kudos!