5 Oct 2010

"The Green Beauty Bible" - Beauty without beastly ingredients

So this one, I think, is mainly for the ladies. It is a big, happy hardback book about reforming the wicked ways of your bathroom cupboard and going green on beauty products. It is not a book of recipies for how to make your own products but more of a tool on how to understand what is actually in the products that we use to make ourselves prettier.
It is written by Sarah Stacey and Josephine Fairley who have been concerned with this for years and who have tried and tested many many of the products out on the market and who have a great knowledge of the market and the chemicals that are best avoided if you want to go green.
There are two separate parts of the book - there are the factual knowledge and then there are "Tried and Tested" sections of products where the authors and a panel of testers give their opinions on specific products. I actually really enjoyed these "Tried and Tested" parts but I think what I found most valuable were the practical pieces of advise about for example herbs and plants.
A lot like an extended version of a womens magazine.

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