17 Nov 2010

Back to the Classics Challenge 2011

Sarah over at Sarah Reads Too Much - http://www-sarahreadstoomuch.blogspot.com - has started the perfect challenge to take on in 2011! It is called "Back to the Classics Challenge 2011" and it is .... surprise... about reading and re-reading classics!

This is something that I have been wanting to do forever - not only read classics but read them in a structured manner. So of course I have signed up already and I really think that you should join :-)

Thechallenge is open to anyone who would like to participate and you join at Sarah's blog. There is a 6 month time frame for completion and the goals to complete are:

- A Banned Book
- A Book with a Wartime Setting (can be any war)
- A Pulitzer Prize (Fiction) Winner or Runner Up
- A Children's/Young Adult Classic
- 19th Century Classic
- 20th Century Classic
- A Book you think should be considered a 21st Century Classic
- Re-Read a book from your High School/College Classes

Not sure which books I will be going for. I am thinking maybe "Peter Pan" for Children's Classic - do you have any ideas?
For 20th Century Classic I will probably go for "Brideshead Revisited" by Evelyn Waugh... For the rest I will need to do some research before deciding.


  1. Oh awesome! For a book with a Wartime Setting, I highly, highly recommend either Dear John or Atonement, depending on your taste in books. Dear John is a beautiful but sad story, and Atonement has incredible prose and a gorgeous story :)

    This is an awesome challenge! Have fun!

  2. Thank you so much for joining in!!! I'm excited to get started!

  3. Thanks Melissa, Atonement is a really good idea!! I will probably go for that one!

    @Sarah: Thanks for setting up the challenge!

  4. How serendipitous, I have been thinking about trying to get back to classics next year - there are so many I haven't read, especially pre-20th century books.