15 Nov 2010

Review: "Crescendo" - No more hushing up the truth

A couple of days ago "Crescendo" by Becca Fitzpatrick landed in my mailbox to my utter delight! I read "Hush, Hush" a couple of weeks ago and though I had not been craving the sequel, I was still really looking forward to reading it. I didn't really have time to read during the weekend but I found time - in my bed, under my duvet with a flashlight trying not to disturb my boyfriend.

The story of "Crescendo" starts where "Hush, Hush" left off. Nora has put the dramatic events behind her and is enjoying her twosomeness with gorgeous Patch, her guardian angel (who btw. is definitely not the angelic type!). However, not long into the book Patch starts getting weird. He hides stuff from Nora and when she says the three big words....he drives off!!
So Nora - being a cool chick with a good deal of sense - decides not to let herself be used as a doormat and breaks up with Patch! I so did not see that coming but I was delighted that Nora turned out to be such a strong girl.
Then a new guy Scott - aka Scotty the Potty aka Scotty the Hottie - moves to town and very early on it becomes clear that he has a past. A scary, bad sort of past.
However, as Patch is now spending time with Nora's sworn enemy Marcie, Nora needs Scott to show Patch that she is over him. Let the action begin.

I have to say that my expectations weren't that high for this sequel but I was so surprised. I actually liked "Crescendo" better than "Hush, Hush". Mostly because Nora steps up to the plate and tells Patch where to go because he really lets her down and acts like a total jerk. So good on Nora for standing up for herself.
Also I have to say that I enjoyed the little catfights between Nora and Marcie - that girl really has a fighting spirit - but at times (will not say anymore to avoid spoilers) my heart was aching for Nora.

This book was great as paranormal romance goes. A really good book that left me feeling 16 years old again. Also it was full of twists and mysteries, especially surrounding the death of Nora's father.
If you like Bella&Edward, Luce&Daniel or any of the other romances out there, this one will not let you down!

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  1. after Fallen I'm not sure i'm ready for another paranormal romance, thanks for the recommendation though, I'll keep it in mind.

  2. Great review! Thanks so much for linking to my review! I shall do the same :)

  3. Thanks Jo :-)

    @PettyWitter: I don't think this one is for you :-)

  4. Great Review you have here. This is next on my reading block. I can hardly wait.

    I'm starting a Reading Bucket List Challenge for 2011. Stop by and say hello any time.

    Pleasant day to you,
    Mad Scientist