6 Nov 2010

Review: "Fallen" - Luce and the bad boys

Right, so I am in a bit of a YA mood at the moment and this week, one of the books I have read this week in the YA genre is "Fallen" by Lauren Kate - one of the ones that has been feautered rather heavily here in the blogosphere lately as the sequel "Torment" has just been published. So I thought I would give it a try as a lot you out there have been positive about this.

The main character in "Fallen" is Luce, a normal girl who have been haunted by shadows hovering on the edge of her life since she was a small girl. Something terrible happened to a friend of Luce and she is suspected to have caused it so now she has been thrown out of her posh boarding school and is sent to reform school. And when Lauren Kate writes reform school, she means reform school.
Sword and Cross Reform School is a grim place and the students there are a far cry from Luce's former classmates. However, Luce is quick to make friends with the rule-breaking cool kid Arriane and the popular guy Cam seems to have his eyes set on Luce as a love interest. Luce is attracted to Cam but at the same time she also feels a strange unexplainable attraction to Daniel, who alternately rejects her and is nice to her.

I read this book in one day because from the beginning I was really fascinated by the reform school life - this is as far from Hogwarts as it gets. I liked the cool students and the school parties and the love entanglements between Luce, Cam and Daniel was fascinating. It is the classic story of girl being attracted to two guys and trying to figure out which one is the one for her. But I have to say that the ending was really disappointing. I don't want to spill any spoilers but let me just say that I thought it all became overly dramatic and over the top. It seemed like the author had saved all the action for the last thirty pages and it was too much for me.

Will I be reading the sequel? Good question. I think it depends on my mood, at the moment I don't think so. What are your thoughts on "Fallen"? Did you enjoy it?

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