27 Dec 2010

Favourite covers of 2010

Inspired by a post at Book Chick City - at http://www.bookchickcity.com/ - here is a Top Ten of my favourite book covers of 2010. Always one to fall for a beautiful cover, I just had to do a list like this!

10) Freedom by Jonathan Franzen
I just love the black and white

9) Torment by Lauren Kate
Again black and white. And I like that it is a woman from the back - leaves room to imagine her face. Fits well with the content of the book as well.

8) Shanghai Girls by Lisa See
I like the soft, pale colours and the way that the girls' skin looks perfect.

7) The Passage by Justin Cronin
Again black and white - sense a pattern? :-) I like the close-up, it looks really eerie and a bit worrying but I really like it!

6) The Imperfectionists by Tom Rachman
Three colous, keeping focus on the title and author name. Like it.

5) The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet by David Mitchell
Again only three colours but lovely oldfashioned picture with lots of fine little details. I caught my eye straight away.

4) The Early Years by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Love the colours!!

3) The Crow's Wow by Susan Briscoe
Beautiful simplicity

2) Money by Martin Amis
Cool cool cool. I want to read it just for the cover

1) Life by Keith Richards
This cover tells a story and it makes me want to discover what is inside. An iconic cover, if you ask me.

What are your favourite covers of the year 2010?


  1. I love the cover for Torment!

  2. I love the Keith Richards cover! These are all SO great, Willa! I think my favourites are Nightshade and I really loved Matched, actually :)

  3. The Keith Richards cover is great...And, I'm listening to Freedom on audio right now. It's really good--I was ready to not love it, but can't help myself.

  4. Love the covers! I particularly like the Marquez one.
    I know these are old covers (80's I think) but what do you think?

  5. What a great idea...The Gabriel Garcia Marquez is my favourite.

  6. Those are good. I love the GGM cover best - oh my, just so bright and juicy! I haven't seen this book. Hmm, must look for it...

  7. I love the cover for The Passage! So much better than the American cover.

  8. I like your choices! I am drawn to black and white covers too, and ones like the David Mitchell with stylized drawings. I feel like I can't remember enough covers from this year, to pick out the best ones myself. :p