11 May 2011

Books for a better world

Every weekend I read this great Danish weekend paper Weekendavisen because it is the only Danish paper to have an entire section dedicated to... books! And this weekend it featured an article about a Danish bookshop in Kathmandu, run by Lars Braaten, a Dane who fell in love with Nepal.
Now this is not just any old bookshop - this is a bookshop with a purpose because the proceeds from the bookshop goes towards funding Nepal Bal Ghar, a children's house where poor children with nowhere to go can get a roof over their heads and warm meals. Nepal Bal Ghar has existed since 1997 and you can read more about it here: http://www.nepalbalghar.dk/english.shtml

70% of all children in Nepal are illiterate so supporting a charity that helps them get life's necessities so that they can focus on going to school and learning to read and write.

Here is a quote from their mission statement:
Nepal Bal Ghar - Something Right Children's Home was started April 1st in 1997 in Sanepa, Kathmandu, Nepal. I - Lars M. Braaten - am the person in charge, responsible for the Children's Home, Lars M. Braaten.

People often ask me:

Why do you do it? and How did you come upon that idea?

and everytime I reply:

Because I have that option! I am in good health, financially OK and because my heart burns for Nepal. In fact, it is quite 'easy', when you relate to and think about the huge need for education here in Nepal.

I really admire this man for doing something, for bettering the life for almost fifty children. Next time I have a book clear-out (soon as we will soon be moving apartments), I will be sending the books I no longer want to Nepal so that they can do some good.


  1. What a great article and wonderful cause. Thnaks for bringing this to my attention Willa.