24 May 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: Little White Lies

If you haven't visited The Broke and Bookish - www.brokeandbookish.blogspot.com - hosts of this fun meme, then you absolutely need to do so as it is a really great blog.

Today's Top Ten subject is telling lies about books and reading...

Now being honest ;-) I don't think I can think of ten separate lies that I've told in relation to reading, though I am sure that I have plenty. Just can't remember them. It must be something about forgetting the things that I would rather not remember, I think. But let's give it a go anyway:

1) Lying about liking a book to please somebody - this would usually be because the book was a present from this somebody or maybe their favourite book. I hate hurting peoples feelings so sometimes a little white lie goes a long way

2) Lying about choosing a book NOT just because of the cover... because it sounds like such a ditzy thing to do... but I do sometimes do it...

3) Lying about having read a classic that I haven't read. I swear it doesn't happen often but it has happened a couple of times out of sheer embarrassment.

4) Lying about liking a perceived classic that I really didn't like/see the point of... I know you know what I mean :-)

5) Pretending that it is not a new book but really one that I have had for quite a while to stop my boyfriend from accusing me of being a compulsive book-buyer (I really am not babe!)

What I never lie about is books that I like. If I have genuinely liked a book, I will stand by it. I have made that promise to myself and it is one that I intend to keep. I will even admit to liking Twilight because even though it has soooo many flaws, it makes for wonderful entertainment. So I stand by my books.

What about you - what do you lie about?


  1. I like your list. I can't think of many specific books I really lied about but there are several different times or reasons why I might lie about a book and you covered a lot of them here.

  2. Great list. I couldn't think of many books for my list (in fact I only came up with 2). I really like that you won't lie about a book you like. I'm that way too.

  3. There are some books we can never get into...

    Here is my Top Ten post!

  4. +JMJ+

    Oh, I know all about #1! I have friends who love The DaVinci Code and Angels and Demons, and most grating of all, Eat, Pray, Love. =/ But what is one to do?

  5. I do the same things sometimes with classics. I just feel like it's never possible to have read them all! But a little gist of the book and some really good playing of the cnoversation never hurt anyone... :)

  6. I know that situation, if a book was a gift I feel likeI have to say I liked it.