7 May 2011

"One Book, Two Book, Three Book, Four... and Five..."

My favourite blogger, the wonderful Simon over at Stuck in a Book - http://www.stuck-in-a-book.blogspot.com - has done a fun little post that I will copy here :-) If you do the same, post a comment and I will visit your blog. Love reading about all your reading experiences.

1.) The book I'm currently reading:
Currently I am reading "The Russian Debutante's Handbook" by Gary Shteyngart. I started it while on vacation but is still only half-way. The main character Vladimir is such an anti-hero that I sometimes have to take little breaks from him... I am also reading the non-fiction book "Descarte's Errror" by Antonio Damasio about neuropsychology.

2.) The last book I finished:

"Mrs. Simpson: The Secret Life of the Duchess of Windsor" by Charles Higham. After having seen the amazing movie "The King's Speech", I found myself being really interested in the life of Wallis Simpson, the cause for the abdication of Edward VIII. I just finished the biography today and it was quite a read - I will try to review it tomorrow.

3.) The next book I want to read:
That is always a really difficult question... One that has me standing in front of my book shelves trying to decide which one to start next. However, my next non-fiction work will be "Havana Real" by the courageous blogger Yoani Sanchez and my next fiction read will probably be "The Passage" by Justin Cronin or "Dead Reckoning" by Charlaine Harris. Or maybe something else...

4.) The last book I bought:
"Cousin Kate" by Georgette Heyer I will be having an operation later this month and "Cousin Kate" will be one of my comfort reads to get me through some days in bed.

5.) The last book I was given:
I was given a few books for Christmas, among them "Prince Faisal's Ring" by Danish author Bjarne Reuter. Looking forward to reading it as Reuter's books have been favourites of mine for years.


  1. Thanks for joining in! And thanks so much for saying I'm your favourite blogger, how sweet of you!

  2. Great Selection the reuter cover is lovely ,all the best stu

  3. Thanks Stu :-)

    And Simon, I am just telling the truth. I love your blog.

  4. LOVE Georgette Heyer! She should see you through!