7 Dec 2010

Top Ten Tuesday is one of the highlights of my blogging week - I love lists! It is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish - http://www.brokeandbookish.blogspot.com/.

Today's topic is favourite places to here and here we go in no particular order but sorted according to favourite spots and not-so-favourite spots:

In my parents' garden in the summer. Lying on a cotton throw on the green green grass, listning to the birds singing and reading a good book. My absolute favourite spot is right next to a bed of flowers and herbs where the fragrances are enough to make my head twirl!

On the beach on vacation. Love it. Remember lots of water and suntan lotion and spice the reading up with a swim every now and then.

Lying next to my boyfriend. Anywhere. With each our book.

In my bed on a sunday morning. Need I say more?

In our Fatboy giant pillow, snuggled up with a cup of tea and blankets.

While cuddling my beloved cat with one hand and turning the pages with the other.

In a bubble bath in a fancy hotel. Particularly if the complimentary bubble bath/bath salts are really nice and girly.

In the gym while on the bicycle-monster-meanie-thing. Not because it is particularly nice but because reading is the only thing that gets me through those half-hours spent on the damned thing.

On the bus in the morning trying to pretend that the bus is not way too full.

When eating alone in restaurants. Sometimes I have to travel alone with my job or I go for lunch on my own and on those occasations I do feel a very close relationship with my books.

Actually this Top Ten does not make a lot of sense with me - because I LOVE TO READ ANYWHERE!! What is your Top Ten?


  1. I think my all-time favourite place would be by the fire when it's snowing :)

    Loved your list, Willa!

  2. Totally agree on the bicycle-monster-thingie! :)

    I love to read pretty much anywhere too. I even take a book with me to the movies while waiting for a film. The only bad part is if the theater is a bit too dark. Maybe I need to carry my booklight - haha...

  3. I like that you split this between fav & not-so-fav places. Reading on the exercise machines makes the time go so much faster. Which is important.

  4. Great list! Love your not-so-fave places to read too. I will also read just about anywhere but not as much as my fiance who took a book to music gigs with him to read between sets!

  5. Reading in the garden sounds fabulous!

    Your newest follower :)

  6. Bahaha on the monster meany thing in the gym. I think audiobook would be much better for that!

  7. I can't read at the gym. I can't focus on the words when my head is going up and down when i'm jogging. It makes work outs feel a whole lot longer.

  8. Thanks for all your comments! I will post pictures from the gardens - words cannot describe how much I love that place!

    @Jamie: yes, audiobooks would make it a lot easier :-)

  9. Reading in bed is definitely my favorite place. Second place goes to the chaise in my reading nook.